Saving your Sanity in the Land of Kielbasa and Gloom

William ShawExpatriates play a significant role in creating the flavor of today’s Cracow – yet rarely are their voices and needs recognized in the public space. This event is a way for us, the city’s activists, to say:

„Welcome – we are so glad you’re here, bringing energy and diversity to our town. We realize it is not easy sometimes. Here is something to help you and your family feel at home.”

Come, bring your family or friends, enjoy a sweet treat, mingle with fellow expats, and hear a presentation by our invited guest. All kids are invited to enjoy a fun activity with our volunteers while the grown-ups share tips on coping with culture shock.

The guest speaker for the night is William Shaw – a foreign Cracovian who works with the expat community as a counselor and therapist ( ). In his career, he has successfully worked with over 600 individuals and families, helping them navigate life’s tough transitions – whether a new life stage, or relocation to a strange new land. Using examples from his own experience relocating to Poland, he will talk about what culture shock is, and how to cope with its effects.Helena Góra

The kids’ activity is prepared by Helena Góra – a professional animator from the Pedagogical University. She incorporates art and music into creative activities for children.

If you are planning to come with children – please RSVP with their ages so Helena and the volunteers can plan accordingly.


Posted on 16 października, 2014 in Culturally Shocked

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